About IT Service Analytics

IT Service Analytics (www.itserviceanalytics.com) was created by a vision to provide the IT Department with an analytical platform to support both operational and process data into one holsitic perpective. With the rise of IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) a new concept is being evolved – IT Service Analytics (ITSA).  While ITOA enables organizations to act proactive it still miss the support for the process perspective and this is where IT Service Analytics comes in place.

Monitoring is an important part of being in control of your IT environment, and basic performance monitoring is not enough. A good monitoring solution doesn’t consist only of assessing health/performance of data center components but it should quickly visualize the data in a user-friendly manner. For this reason, it makes it challenging to work with a complex monitoring product like SCOM. When SCOM was originally created, it focused on managing and monitoring servers and technology. It was designed to catch errors for each individual server and technology in the best way possible. Unfortunately, its implementation often led to a gap between IT and the business -the organization’s expectations of IT were rarely met.

Togheter with our expertise of IT monitoring and IT Service Management we have created a plug and play solution for organizations looking for new ways to strenghten their competitiveness and to show the true value of IT Service Delivery.

The platform “IT Service Analytics” is provided by Approved Consulting AB in Sweden that delivers a solution that gives organizations a converged toolset and work procedures for implementing or working with IT service delivery based on the Microsoft platform. Together, we combine our experience and expertise with the leading vendors in technology for managing, analyzing and improving IT processes, goals and resources.

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